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Strategic Advisory

What a Strategic Advisory is? Simply said that JISpei will fully supports your company with our experience and skills through changes in your strategic management. Type of Strategic Advisory:
  • IPO (initial public offering) / RTO (reverse take over) arrangement
  • Financial & Investment Advisory
  • Trust Fund Advisory
  • Corporate Financial Restructuring / Remodeling
  • Corporate Action Arrangement & Advisory
  • Strategic Alliances / Partnership Arrangement
  • Corporate Mediation / Negotiation
  • Merger & Acquisition Arrangement
  • Equity Financing / Private Placement Arrangement
  • Due Diligence / Feasibility Study / Financial Analysis

Fund Raising Arrangement

To balance our work, we welcome companies and institutions which have the need to raise funds through many ways of financing, such like:
  • IPO (initial public offering)
  • RTO (reverse take over)
  • LBO (leverage buy out)
  • JO (joint operation) / JV (joint venture)
  • Equity Financing / Private Placement
  • Debt issuance
  • Collateralize loan
Please be noted that since we act as a private equity, most of the time, behalf of the investor we will do private placement / equity financing to the target company.

Investment Arrangement

Investment allocation will be in major real-sectors within our scope of expertise. As we see great potential in Indonesia, we believe there are many suitable investment sectors that are compatible to your needs and risk profiles. We have a great team to conduct due diligence, analysis and full profiling before we enter the business. The minimum expected return will be 20% per annum with clear exit strategy for investor. All of the investment will be clearly measured, monitored and registered according to the local law and regulations. Since we act as a private equity, mostly we will do equity investment / private placement – behalf of your concern - to the target company both direct and indirect.